Wave Wave Wave

The Zero-Emission, Female-Friendly Taxi App

Choose the driver you want - whether that's the cheapest, quickest, a female driver or even one that's pet-friendly.


We are good if...

…You Want a Female Driver

More comfortable with a female driver? Choose one with us.

…You’re In A Rush

Gotta get gone? Sort by live ETA and make moves ASAP.

…You’re On A Budget

Saving up? Compare fixed fares and choose the price you like.

…You’re Going Out

Pre-Gaming? Drinks and Tunes don’t need to end in the taxi.

…You’re A Company

Becoming a more sustainable firm is as simple as switching to us.

…You’re Going Away

Pre-Book your car and start the unwind process early.

We built our culture on...


We like our conscience like our air… Clean. Zero-Emission = Zero Guilt.


We’ll tell you what it is, whether it’s drivers available or why we’re looking at you like that. 🙃


Choice is a human right. Whether you’re a team member or user, you get it. Standard. ✊

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You know that feeling when you're stuck in a cab you don't enjoy being in? Download Arrive and you'll never have it again.

Download Arrive today...